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What is whole body cryotherapy?


Where did it come from?

Cryotherapy originated from a gentleman named Dr. Yamaguchi, of Japan, who first started using freezing treatments on his arthritis patients for pain management back in 1978. What Dr. Yamaguchi found was that his patients experienced a significant reduction in soreness and joint pain after the drastic temperature decrease of the outer layers of skin. These patients experienced a huge release of endorphins as a result of the cold treatment, leading to a reduced sensitivity to pain. Throughout the 1980’s Dr. Yamaguchi and his team found that exposure to rapid, short-term freezing temperatures produce a non-invasive approach to effectively manage pain.

How does the Cryotherapy process work?

A cryotherapy session will last for 2-3 minute and reach temperatures as low as negative 240 to negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time the body’s surface temperature will lower to around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the 2-3 minute session blood vessels will begin forcing blood away from the peripheral tissue and towards a person’s core. In the core, the body’s natural filtration system removes toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood. The blood becomes optimally oxygenated which accelerates the healing results. The vessels and capillaries in the skin undergo a period of severe vasoconstriction followed by sever vasodilation. This results in the body’s toxins breaking down and the brain releasing endorphins which has a beneficial biochemical healing affect throughout the body.

Upon exiting the cryochamber all of this filtered blood fill with nutrients, enzymes,and enriched with oxygen flow back throughout the body’s peripheral tissue. Over the next 48 hours this process helps the body to have reduced levels of pain and inflammation and increased energy. When the immune system is activated in this fashion, the body is affected positively. The results are an energy boost lasting up to 8 hours and skin rejuvenation due to the elevated production in collagen.

Elite athletes realize increased performance and endurance due to faster recovery and healing times. Inflammatory medical and skin conditions have reportedly been significantly alleviated or eliminated through this cryotherapy process. Cryotherapy increates metabolic rates as the body counters the cold by burning calories to create heat. The estimate of caloric burn is between 400-800 calories over the next 24 hours.


Who Should Use Cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy can be used to treat almost any form of chronic pain. Recently elite athletes seeking to recover faster from strenuous training have found it be extremely beneficial to their rigorous training lifestyle. We feel anyone that wants to experience cryotherapy will get positive benefits regardless of their lifestyle or energy level. A good candidate for Cryotherapy is really anyone who could benefit from increased energy and alertness, reduced inflammation, reduced pain, improved sleep, or anyone looking to restore their body and mind by tapping into the body’s natural rejuvenation systems.


Why should I use cryotherapy?

The main goal of whole body cryotherapy is to stimulate, or trigger, the body’s natural and physiological reactions by low temperatures. The benefits of this stimulation make whole body cryotherapy right for almost everyone. Therefore, if you are interested in a body that is capable of reducing pain naturally and can repair its muscles after heavy exertion and you value a sharp mind that can think clearer through increased nervous system function, cryotherapy can benefit you.

The effects of cryotherapy are independent of the age of patients. Cryotherapy is linked to an improvement in mood and in some patients it has even led to an increase in self-control, which is vital when undertaking any type of regimented therapy or workout program. Across the country, leading spa and wellness centers are beginning to offer cryotherapy treatments as a new method of wellness, anti-aging and stress mitigation.

The body is an amazing tool. Activate your greatness with cryotherapy and start living better, recovering faster and thinking clearer.

How often should I do whole body cryotherapy?

We recommend doing your first 5-7 treatments as close together as possible. After your initial treatments you can maintain with one of our “MAINTAIN” monthly packages of 1-3 sessions per week. This will allow you to experience all of the benefits of cryotherapy and reach your peak health and fitness level while feeling great. Come experience CRYOTHERAPY!


Top Reasons for Cryotherapy

Most people seek out cryotherapy for a multitude of reasons. While whole body cryotherapy can have countless benefits, here is a small list of some of the top reasons for using cryotherapy.

  • Reduction of Inflammation 50%
  • Decreased Muscle Soreness 60%
  • Pain Relief from a Variety of Causes 70%
  • Peak Performance/Peak Recovery 70%
  • Improved Energy 90%
  • Boost Immunity 75%
  • Tighter Healthier Skin 55%
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