Cryotherapy News, Studies, and Videos

Below is a small fragment of the available studies, published medical journal studies, news articles and videos, and research on Cryotherapy and whole body cryotherapy.

Marlins Use Cryotherapy

The Miami Marlins purchased a Cryotherapy machine for their players to prepare and recover.

What is Whole Body Cryo?

Find out more about whole body cryotherapy, its origin, benefits, and more…

Preliminary Overview of WBC

Research conducted over the last 2 decades has demonstrated WBC has been shown to reduce pain and swelling and improve physical performance, among many other things.

WBC Study

Study demonstrates WBC in conjunction with rehab averaged 2x better results than those just utilizing rehab alone.

NFL Teams Using Cryotherapy

Watch as several of the NFL’s players utilize Cryotherapy 2-3 times per week to help heal, recover, energize, and attain peak performance. Hear the players talk about healing faster and their bodies recovering quicker.

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The Doctors TV Show

The Doctors tv show demonstrates whole body cryotherapy, the science behind it, and the benefits behind the cold. Learn how the cold can benefit many symptoms such as arthritis, pain management, muscle recovery, healing, and much more.

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News 8 Featured Story

Discover what several Dallas Maverick teammates are using to aid in recovery and to achieve peak performance. Watch the whole body cryotherapy in use and learn more of its benefits.

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Tony Robbins talks WBC

Watch as Tony Robbins talks about his love and daily usage of whole body Cryotherapy. Tony has incorporated WBC into his daily morning ritual and believes in the benefits.

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The American Center for Biological Medicine

Watch as Doctor Drobot explains the science of whole body cryotherapy and how it can help with accute pain, chronic pain, increased metabolism, injury prevention, and athletic recovery.

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